This journey we call life can be so unnerving at times. So many situations can occur that are out of our control. Today has been a bit of a challenge for me because I feel uncertain about several things. This brings forth the question of what does tomorrow hold. We can never be sure because tomorrow is not promised…actually nothing is promised. Some days I go to sleep and question “did I do enough to make a difference or leave my mark behind on today.” But the thing is we can never know. I try to be kind to others, I try to do my job to my best capabilities, I try to be responsible and ethical, but around me I see others doing the exact opposite and getting ahead. It makes you question, what’s the right thing to do? At the end of the day I know my truth, so I will continue to live my life in a manner that I can look myself in the mirror and not be ashamed of the reflection looking back at me.

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