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Chronicles of an Oily Girl

So…it’s been almost a month since I started using doTerra essential oils, and I’m still in love with these oils. I’m now known as the oil girl to my coworkers and my family. Everyday I learn something new about the amazing benefits of essential oils. It has literally taken over my life. As of today, I’ve used oils to get rid of ants, clean my bathroom, address poor eating habits, address overeating habits, sleep better at night, clear up acne scars.  I could probably name a few more, and I find myself daily saying, “there’s an oil for that!” Which sounds super cliché, but so true. 

Last night I sat down with a couple of ladies who have been using oils for awhile now, and I left super excited about my future with essential oils. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes I feel like those jokes that people share about vegans and cross fitters, where they say that is all they talk about, being vegan or doing cross fit. Well, I realize, based on that analogy, that when you are involved in something that you truly believe in, then you talk about it. You talk about how it has changed you, how it makes you feel, and how much you love it! 

I am using oils everyday at work, and now my coworkers ask, “did you bring your oil today?” Or “do you have anything for…” And I’m like, ” as a matter of fact I do!”  Essential oils have brought a new excitement to my life, and I am eager to share it with everyone. To share the awesome benefits of living an oily life!  

Getting oily

I recently started my journey as an “oiler.”  By that I mean, I started using essential oils,candy just like that I became obsessed. For awhile I have been interested in essential oils, and many friends on Facebook rave about how great the oils are, and how their lives have been transformed by using said oils, but I had no clue how they worked. Well, that is until recently. A friend and his wife paid me a visit at work, and gave me a small sample of these magic oils and explained to me in great detail the many uses that essential oils have, and I was sold. I took my sample home, it was a sleep blend, I rubbed some on the bottoms of my feet as instructed, and had the most restful sleep I’ve had in months. Like so many people out there, I suffer with sleep problems. I struggle to fall asleep, and once asleep, I struggle to stay asleep. With sleep patterns such as this, I would wake up tired and be sluggish all day. This would call for large amounts of coffee throughout the day. Now, I will not say that this oil has ruined my relationship with coffee, we are 100% committed to each other, but… I did not wake up sluggish and tired. Not only did this tiny amount of oil help me sleep, but my dog who sleeps with me slept through the night as well. Oftentimes she gets up in the middle of the night for various reasons, she’s hungry, she thirsty, she just needs to stretch her legs and walk around. You know, the usual things dogs do.

Anyhow, after sampling the serenity blend, I decided to start looking into these oils, and deciding if it was something I wanted to invest in and if I would actually use the oils. Well, I decided I was in and called up my friend and said, let’s do this. Since purchasing my oil kit, I have used my oils every day, and continue to research all the health benefits. I am sleeping so soundly that I wake up ready for my day, I feel better in my emotional health, and feel a bit more energized. Bottom line, I’m obsessed.

This, is my introductory post about my new love for essential oils and definitely not my last. I’m still learning and as I learn I will definitely share. I’m also still learning the rules about sharing about the oil brand I chose. Originally, when I first learned about essential oils, Youngs Living was the only oils I would see people talk about, and it was quite appealing to me, but ultimately I chose doTerra as my choice. I am completely happy with my decision and will share with anyone interested as to why I chose this brand. Leave a comment or even your favorite blends. I love hearing new blends, Pinterest can only go so far!