Chronicles of an Oily Girl

So…it’s been almost a month since I started using doTerra essential oils, and I’m still in love with these oils. I’m now known as the oil girl to my coworkers and my family. Everyday I learn something new about the amazing benefits of essential oils. It has literally taken over my life. As of today, I’ve used oils to get rid of ants, clean my bathroom, address poor eating habits, address overeating habits, sleep better at night, clear up acne scars.  I could probably name a few more, and I find myself daily saying, “there’s an oil for that!” Which sounds super cliché, but so true. 

Last night I sat down with a couple of ladies who have been using oils for awhile now, and I left super excited about my future with essential oils. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes I feel like those jokes that people share about vegans and cross fitters, where they say that is all they talk about, being vegan or doing cross fit. Well, I realize, based on that analogy, that when you are involved in something that you truly believe in, then you talk about it. You talk about how it has changed you, how it makes you feel, and how much you love it! 

I am using oils everyday at work, and now my coworkers ask, “did you bring your oil today?” Or “do you have anything for…” And I’m like, ” as a matter of fact I do!”  Essential oils have brought a new excitement to my life, and I am eager to share it with everyone. To share the awesome benefits of living an oily life!  

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