This journey we call life can be so unnerving at times. So many situations can occur that are out of our control. Today has been a bit of a challenge for me because I feel uncertain about several things. This brings forth the question of what does tomorrow hold. We can never be sure because tomorrow is not promised…actually nothing is promised. Some days I go to sleep and question “did I do enough to make a difference or leave my mark behind on today.” But the thing is we can never know. I try to be kind to others, I try to do my job to my best capabilities, I try to be responsible and ethical, but around me I see others doing the exact opposite and getting ahead. It makes you question, what’s the right thing to do? At the end of the day I know my truth, so I will continue to live my life in a manner that I can look myself in the mirror and not be ashamed of the reflection looking back at me.

Books Books Books

I am super excited to start reading all the books I’ve received since yesterday. Www.Goodreads.com is the site that I typically use to find new books. Any type of book you may be looking for is on there. I realized that I didn’t post a way for people to submit books for review. Feel free to send me an email at preciousthomas982@gmail.com. I can receive EPub, Mobi, or PDF files.

I am currently reading two stories one is a short story by Pamela Jones entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes”, the other is a debut by author Leigh Carron entitled “Fat Girl”. Reviews to follow soon, so stay tuned. I look forward to sharing some good books and reviews with you in the upcoming days.

New to blogging


Good day everyone, my name is Tia and I’ve decided to start blogging. A little about me…I have a degree that says I know how to write (Creative Writing degree), but I haven’t put my skills to work in awhile. What I have been doing is reading, quite a bit, lately and I believe this is a cool platform to review books as well as share my thoughts with the world wide web. There are so many great authors out there who get lost in the shuffle, and various blogs bring attention to these writers…and when I get ready to share my work I also have a place to do that as well. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this, and see you soon with book reviews.